What is the time?

Time, glorious time, the thing that stops us from doing everything we want to do, need to do, time sucks sometimes (I know i’m hilarious), however time is also one of the things we need for our plants to grow and time used correctly can be productive, satisfying and full of joy! Do you have […]

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 Welcome to The Shire

Welcome to ‘The Shire’, the garden in which plants are striving for greatness under extremely bad circumstances. The circumstances being New Zealand weather and well my lack of knowledge about gardens, seeds, soil and well everything green. Why ‘The Shire’? The name is all on my extremely happy flatmate/garden buddy, who decided  , in an […]

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Herby Beginnings 

Welcome to the real start of this glorious adventure. As I sat there trying to come up with what I’d share first various ideas sprung to mind “Four ways to beat winter frost”, “How to build a DIY scarecrow” “The real battle- how to manage adulthood duties and still have time for gardening”… You’re probably […]

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Getting it Started

-Getting it Started- Such a generic title, I almost couldn’t let myself do it. Getting what started the blog? or the Garden?  both? Well to tell you the truth it’s most definitely both, I do not have a fancy garden, or six raised plots encased by timber, at the moment I have three half old […]

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